Application and Uses of Precision's PS 256

Gauge pressure under the client’s contact areas

  • Thoroughly evaluate static or dynamic pressure distribution through the use of the PS 256’s real time pressure mapping and imaging system.  Immediate feedback and continual, live updates, including peak pressure measurements and high resolution graphics, provides the user with unprecedented technology and affordability.

Measure anatomical landmarks

  • Activate PS 256’s linear measurement feature to incorporate precision measurements into your assessment.  Identify the client’s contact area width or the distance between ischial tuberosities to ensure ideal cushion seat well selection.  Track the size of pressure areas within the seating system, or identify the severity of pelvic rotation.  The possibilities are endless!


Troubleshoot seating concerns easily and quickly

  • Immediately identify the presence of pelvic obliquities, pelvic rotation, scoliosis, anterior or posterior pelvic tilt, sacral sitting, lordosis or any number of postural or positioning concerns with live feedback from PS 256’s full color display, precision resolution and reversible graphics.


Record, freeze, save and print any and all images

  • Record up to ten minutes of video images.  A must have for the clinician for proper assessment of self propulsion capabilities and settle analysis.    


Examine peak pressures

  • Fully adjustable, repositionable peak pressure margins provide the user with immediate and continual visualization of the peak pressures, which are modifiable and able to be repositioned and resized accordingly.


Create custom seating design

  • Ideal for clinicians who personally make adjustments to their client’s seating systems or have a need to get creative with seating solutions, the PS 256 will aid in verifying proper positioning and fine-tuning seating modifications.


Locate the client’s center of gravity

  • Helpful in the discovery and correction of asymmetries and obliquities, Precision’s PS 256 center of gravity feature clearly shows the user, in real time, the client’s center of gravity and aids the user in verifying proper positioning during evaluation or after implementing a seating solution.


Evaluate drive wheel placement

  • Through the use of the PS 256’s center of gravity feature, clinicians may easily identify discrepancies in drive wheel placement, which effect the client’s ability to successfully self propel the wheelchair.


Track center of force trajectory

  • Turn on Precision’s center of force tracer to track the client’s center of gravity during self propulsion, transfers or pressure shifts to ensure your client is performing such tasks as efficiently as possible.


Ensure proper inflation of air cushions

  • Eliminate the guessing game associated with the use of air cushions. Use the PS 256 to quickly and precisely ensure, as a client or a caregiver your client has the ideal amount of inflation within their single valve or multi-valve air cusion.


Gain approval for equipment through improved documentation

  • Take your letters of medical necessity to a whole new level with PS 256’s multi-view option.  Freeze and print multiple images of the client’s current presentation as well as alternative cushions or seating systems to thoroughly justify to the client’s funding source, the client’s situation and equipment requirements.


Educate and verify the clients pressure relief methods

  • Verify your client’s capability to perform manual pressure relief or the caregiver’s ability to properly position and adjust the seating system through the use of the PS 256.  Real time images provide your client with immediate feedback, ideal for use in client education and reassurance.

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